Designer & Stylist

From Closet to Wardrobe

Closet Clean Up

Work directly with our experienced team of stylists and seamstresses to assess what pieces make up your style and what to keep from your existing collection.

Core Piece Alteration

Assess which loved pieces of your wardrobe can be altered to fit you properly and continue helping you live your truest style.

Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Order pieces from our Capsule Wardrobe to build out the core, versatile and classic backbone of your closet.   

What to Expect When Working with Sandi and her Team

Professionalism, kindness and honesty are hallmarks of ydc’s Services.  When you work with Sandi and her team of sewers you have your own fashion gurus to help you achieve your fashion objectives.

Sandi believes in working towards a minimalist approach with core pieces that embrace your own style. Most women only wear 10% of the clothing in their closet with most pieces being ill-fitting and out of date.  She works with her clients to identify which pieces work best for each woman, complimenting their figure and suiting their own personal style.  The goal is to build a wardrobe to suit any occasion from a casual outing with friends to a formal affair. 

To ensure the flexibility and usefulness of each piece, Sandi’s goal is that every piece of choice clothing that is included in a women’s wardrobe should represent their style.  Love your own style!

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